Adjective or Adverb Exercise 1

Adjectives and adverbs are commonly used in English, but the difference between them is not always clear. The main difference is the word they modify in a sentence.

An adjective is used to modify nouns, while you use an adverb to give more information about verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs.

This is an exercise in which you need to fill in the correct form of the word

You can find the exercise below:

Adjective or Adverb Exercise 1

Fill in the correct form of the word in the sentences below: adjective or adverb.
She sings (beautiful) in the choir every Sunday.
He speaks Spanish (fluent) and is a translator for several companies.
The dog barks (loud) at the mailman every morning, causing quite a disturbance in the neighbourhood.
The cake tastes (delicious) and looks stunning with its intricate decoration.
He runs (fast) and is a top athlete in his field.
She walks (graceful) down the runway, impressing the crowd with her elegance.
That is a (colourful) flower in the garden.
He drives (careful) on the highway, always making sure to obey the speed limit.
She works (hard) to achieve her goals and is known for her dedication and determination.
The movie was (exciting) with non-stop action and plot twists that kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

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