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You can learn English for free online here at Taalhulp Engels. There is a big collection of online lessons about vocabulary and grammar with corresponding exercises to see if you fully understand what you have just learned. You will also learn some general things about English culture and how you can learn English relatively easy. This is the kind of information you can find on the blog. 

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Grammatica Taalhulp Engels-min


Overview of the grammar like the tenses, the passive voice, personal pronouns, …

Oefeningen Taalhulp Engels-min


This is where you will find the exercises to see if you understand the theory.

Blog Taalhulp Engels-min


Here you can find more general information about the English-speaking world. 

Woordenschat Taalhulp Engels-min


Overview of the vocabulary you can learn here at Taalhulp Engels.

Luisteroefeningen Taalhulp Engels-min

Listening Exercises

Here you can find all the listening exercises to improve your listening skills. 

Leesoefeningen Taalhulp Engels-min

Reading exercises

Here you can find all the reading exercises to improve your reading skills. 

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