Useful Sources

Taalhulp Engels is a website where the main goal is to learn English. On this website, you can learn English for free at your own pace. You should study the theory first before trying the exercises to make sure you fully understand the grammar. 

On this page, you have an overview of useful sources that can help you while you’re learning English. 

Nuttige Bronnen Taalhulp Engels

Online dictionaries

This is a website where you can look for synonyms and antonyms of every existing English word.

The biggest online dictionary where you can find the exact meaning of a word.

This is a website where you have an online dictionary and a thesaurus. You also have some examples of grammatical structures. 

This is an online dictionary for 28 different languages. 

Translation websites

Below you have some websites that can help you translate words or sentences. Keep in mind that translating a complete text is usually not a good idea. Make sure you check if the translation is right and that the words are used in the right context. 

The most famous translation website is usually famous for a reason. I like this one a lot and use it frequently. 

This is a translation website from Germany and offers computer translation that is supposed to be better than Google Translate. 

Andere hulpmiddelen

This is a useful website that you can use if you want to know the different forms of a verb in any tense.