Going to-future Mixed Exercise 5

The going to-future in English is a way to talk about the future. You usually use this tense to give your opinion about something in the future or when you want to talk about your intentions.

You can find an overview of this tense here. There is a complete overview of when to use this tense, how to form it and there are also examples.

Going to-future exercise

On this page, you have an exercise about forming this tense.

You can find the exercise below:

Going to-future Mixed Exercise 5

Complete these sentences by filling in the right form of the verbs in the going to-future.
They (not, to help) me when I'm in trouble. What a shame!
My friend (he, to sell) his old phone to buy a new one.
Why (to show) us his stamp collection? It's so boring!
I (never, to sing) again because I lost my voice.
We (to swim) 15km together next month.
My friends (to wake up) at 8 am tomorrow to go to the baker's.
The delivery guy (not, to deliver) my package today because it's still in transit.
Listen carefully because my sister (to tell) us a story.
I hate books so I (never, to read) a book again!
(my mom, to cook) me a nice dinner for my birthday?

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