Present Perfect Mixed Exercise 1

The present perfect is a tense to talk about actions or events in the present or very recent past. It’s important that you use this tense for events when there is a link between the past and the present. For a detailed overview of this tense, click here. You have a detailed overview of when you should use this tense, how you form it and there are also some examples.

On this page, you have an exercise to see if you know how to form this tense.

You can find the exercise below:

Present Perfect Mixed Exercise 1

Complete these sentences by filling in the correct form of the present perfect.
(you, to read) her lastest book? No, she (not, to release) it yet.
I (just, to finish) my homework. May I go outside now?
He (to tell) the judge everything he knows.
They (not, to forget) my birthday. They (even, to prepare) a surprise act.
(you, ever, to take) a plane before? Not really. I (only, to travel) by car and bike so far.
My sister (just, to buy) a new iPhone because her current one doesn't work anymore.
(they, to finish) all the exercises?
Yes. They (also, to do) the extra assignments.
Coming up with so many sentences is tricky. Even though I (always, to be) very creative.
(you, to see) what they (to do) outside?

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