The Passive Form Exercise 2

The passive form (or passive construction) in English is very useful in many different situations. You can use it to give more information about what or who is experiencing something or you can also use it when you don’t know who did it. For a complete overview in English, click here. There is a lot of information, examples and you also have tips on how to recognize this kind of sentence.

On this page, you have an exercise in which you need to form the correct passive sentence with the tense in brackets.

The passive form exercise

You can find the exercise below:

The Passive Form Exercise 2

Read the sentences below and complete them by filling in the passive form in the correct tense.
That ball (to throw, present simple) by my brother.
An ancient temple (to discover, present perfect) by scientists.
My car (to wash, going to-future) by my friends.
His wallet (to steal, past simple).
The town hall (to destroy, present perfect) by a fire.
A big fire (to light, past simple) last week.
That old man over there (to help, present continuous) by a young girl.
He (to beat, past simple) by some punks.
My friend (to overwhelm, present simple) by the news.
My bills (to pay, present simple) on time.

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