Days of the Week Exercise 4

Just like almost every other language, English has specific words for the days of the week. These words are often used in everyday conversation and that is why it’s useful that you know them.

On this page, you have an exercise to see if you know the vocabulary to talk about the seven days of the week. There is also a short video below the exercise.

You can find the exercise below:

Days of the Week Exercise 4

Read the following sentences and fill in the correct day.
They will release their new album this , so right before the weekend.
comes after Tuesday.
Will you go out on ? You have a full weekend to recover!
The weekend consists of and .
I'm used to eating French fries on the day after Wednesday. This means I will eat fries this week on .
My weekly hairdresser's appointment is on , so right in the middle of the week.
I have an appointment with the dentist next week on ; the day before Tuesday.
Christmas is on a this year, so two days before the weekend.
The first two days of the week are and .
The first day of the weekend is the best day. I love !

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