Future of Can and Must Exercise 5

You can talk about the future in a number of ways and the future of can and must is one of them. For a full overview of the different future tenses, click here.

The future of can and must is different from the will-future and the going to-future because can and must don’t have an infinitive form. If you want to express a future meaning of can and must, there are a couple of structures you can use.

Future of can and must exercise

This is an exercise about can and must in the future. Choose the appropriate structure for what is meant, depending on the context. Keep in mind that all of the following sentences are about the future.

You can find the exercise below:

Future of Can and Must Exercise 5

Complete these sentences by filling in the correct form of can or must in the future.
He is grounded because of his bad grades so he (cannot) go to the concert next week.
I (can) play tennis next week because I broke my leg.
My friend is taking cooking classes so he (can) cook us dinner in a few weeks!
They start renovating our school next month and they are closing off some corridors for our safety. This means we (cannot) use them for a while.
She is wearing earplugs so she (cannot) hear her alarm tomorrow morning.
They told me to be on time so I (must) get up early tomorrow.
When the new movie theatre opens, visitors (cannot) bring their own drinks and food.
This means that visitors (must) buy food and drinks at the shop inside the building.
My car broke down so I (cannot) get to work tomorrow.
Once my mother gets a new pair of glasses, she (can) see clearly again.

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