Past Continuous Exercise 2

The past continuous (or past progressive) is a tense in English you use to talk about long actions in the past or when the focus is on the duration of a particular action. If you want to learn more about this tense, click here. There is a full explanation of this tense, rules on forming it, and some examples.

This is an exercise about forming positive sentences using the past continuous.

You can find the exercise below:

Past Continuous Exercise 2

Complete these sentences by filling in the correct form of the verb in the past continuous.
I (to read) the first Sherlock Holmes story when he called.
He (to try) to fix things with his wife.
All of the students (to pay) attention during yesterday's class.
I (to drink) as fast as I could.
That man (to gamble) for hours in the casino last week.
My sister (to play) with the neighbour's dog.
I (to live) in a studio until my house was finished.
He (to sit) in a chair when they told him the bad news.
I (to do) my homework when she interrupted me.
My father (to look) for a new car.

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