Present Simple Mixed Exercise 2

The present simple (or simple present) is a basic tense in English to talk about the present. You use this tense in the following situations:

  • Present state, how you feel
  • Timeless truths
  • Habits
  • Timetables (also in the future)
  • Short actions
  • Instructions

On this page, you have an exercise about forming positive sentences, negative sentences, and questions in the present simple. There is also a video available about this tense below the exercise.

You can find the exercise below:

Present Simple Mixed Exercise 2

Complete these sentences by filling in the correct form of the verb in the present simple.
When (the concert, to start)? I (to believe) it (to start) at 8 PM.
The student (to have) some difficulties, but he always (to try) really hard.
They (not, to like) it when other people (to see) what they are doing.
Today (not, to be) a beautiful day because it (to be) only 5 °C.
(that girl, to love) horses? Yes! She really (to want) one for her birthday.
He (to hate) his job. (you, to hate) yours? Or (you, to love) what you (to do) every day?
They always (to fight) about where they (to want) to eat.
Would you please (to give) me a hand? I (to need) your help.
We (not, to be) happy. We (to have) to do a lot of chores.
(not, to buy) the latest Tesla. The battery (not, to work) well.

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