Second Conditional Exercise 2

The second conditional is an if-sentence in English that is used to talk about unrealistic and hypothetical situations in the present and future. The verb in the if-clause needs to be in the past simple and you use would + infinitive for the verb in the main clause.

This is an exercise in which you need to fill in the correct form of the verb.

You can find the exercise below:

Second Conditional Exercise 2

Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verb in the second conditional.
If I (to have) time, I (to read) a book.
Cats (to fly) if they (to have) wings.
Grandpa (to run) a marathon if he younger.
If I (to get) a dollar for every time someone told me to shut up, I (to be) rich!
If they (to take) the right turn, they (to be) at their destination.
If it (to be) cold outside, we (to need) a warmer coat.
James (to cry) if he (not, to get) what he wants.
Our wedding photographer (to use) Photoshop if he (to have) a better computer.
I (to be) mad if my wife (to listen) to what I have to say.
She (not, to shout) if she (to know) what he had done.

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