Irregular Verbs

There are two types of verbs in English: regular verbs and irregular verbs. Regular verbs are the easiest to form and are not discussed in this article.

On this page, you have a list of the most common irregular verbs. It is an easy-to-use and clear overview for you to study. You will also find links to the exercises below the article.

Irregular verbs

Irregular verbs are more difficult than regular verbs because you need to study them. The more you study these verbs, the better you will remember them. Once you know them, you know them for a very long time.

There are a lot of irregular verbs in English and you can find a list of the most common ones below. Sometimes the past simple is the same as the past participle, but that is not always the case.

InfinitivePast simplePast participle
to bewas, werebeen
to becomebecamebecome
to beginbeganbegun
to bendbentbent
to betbetbet
to bindboundbound
to bitebitbitten
to bleedbledbled
to blowblewblown
to breakbrokebroken
to bringbroughtbrought
to buildbuiltbuilt
to burnburnt, burnedburnt, burned
to buyboughtbought
to catchcaughtcaught
to choosechosechosen
to comecamecome
to costcostcost
to cutcutcut
to dealdealtdealt
to digdugdug
to dodiddone
to drawdrewdrawn
to dreamdreamt, dreameddreamt, dreamed
to drinkdrankdrunk
to drivedrovedriven
to eatateeaten
to fallfellfallen
to feedfedfed
to feelfeltfelt
to fightfoughtfought
to findfoundfound
to fleefledfled
to flyflewflown
to forbidforbadeforbidden
to forgetforgotforgotten
to forgiveforgaveforgiven
to freezefrozefrozen
to getgotgot
to givegavegiven
to gowentgone
to growgrewgrown
to hanghunghung
to havehadhad
to hearheardheard
to hidehidhidden
to hithithit
to holdheldheld
to hurthurthurt
to keepkeptkept
to knowknewknown
to laylaidlaid
to leadledled
to learnlearnt, learnedlearnt, learned
to leaveleftleft
to lendlentlent
to letletlet
to lielaylain
to lieliedlied
to lightlitlit
to loselostlost
to makemademade
to meanmeantmeant
to meetmetmet
to paypaidpaid
to putputput
to readreadread
to rideroderidden
to ringrangrung
to riseroserisen
to runranrun
to saysaidsaid
to seesawseen
to sellsoldsold
to sendsentsent
to setsetset
to shakeshookshaken
to shineshoneshone
to shootshotshot
to showshowedshown
to shutshutshut
to singsangsung
to sinksanksunk
to sitsatsat
to sleepsleptslept
to smellsmelt, smelledsmelt, smelled
to speakspokespoken
to spellspelt, spelledspelt, spelled
to spendspentspent
to spoilspoilt, spoiledspoilt, spoiled
to standstoodstood
to stealstolestolen
to stickstuckstuck
to stinkstank, stunkstank, stunk
to strikestruckstruck
to swearsworesworn
to swimswamswum
to taketooktaken
to teachtaughttaught
to teartoretorn
to telltoldtold
to thinkthoughtthought
to throwthrewthrown
to understandunderstoodunderstood
to wakewokewoken
to wearworeworn
to winwonwon
to writewrotewritten

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