Can or Can’t Exercise 3

Can and can’t are modal verbs in English that are used in different situations. Some people don’t know when to use can and when to use can’t. For a full overview of modal verbs in English, click here.

Can is used to express possibility, permission or to say when someone has the ability to do something. Can’t is used when something is impossible or when someone does not have the ability to do something.

This is an exercise about the difference between can and can’t.

Can or can’t exercise

You can find the exercise below:

Can or Can't Exercise 3

Complete the sentences below with can or can't.
you show me the way?
He take care of his plants so they always die.
I learned how to swim so I swim.
However, I dive and I always land on my belly.
John read Chinese! That's really impressive.
The pupils go to the toilet during a lesson.
you hear me? Yes, loud and clear!
Usain Bolt run really fast as he's the world record holder.
My friend keep his word and he always breaks his promises.
My sister is very strong and she deadlift 150kg! Impressive!

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