Can or Can’t Exercise 4

Can and can’t are modal verbs in English that are used in different situations. Some people don’t know when to use can and when to use can’t. For a full overview of modal verbs in English, click here.

Can is used to express possibility, permission or to say when someone has the ability to do something. Can’t is used when something is impossible or when someone does not have the ability to do something.

This is an exercise about the difference between can and can’t.

Can or can’t exercise

You can find the exercise below:

Can or Can't Exercise 4

Complete the sentences below with can or can't.
I am good at selling stuff and I sell almost anything.
We believe what he has done! Unbelievable!
My brother is 30 years old so he do what he wants.
Our friend is a web developer and he make a website in one hour.
They shut up for 5 minutes. It's so annoying.
you speak Russian?
She do a handstand because she is really clumsy.
you watch the house while I'm gone?
Books are really useful and you learn a lot by reading.
He know everything.

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