Can or Can’t Exercise 2

Can and can’t are modal verbs in English that are used in different situations. Some people don’t know when to use can and when to use can’t.

Can is used to express possibility, permission or to say when someone has the ability to do something. Can’t is used when something is impossible or when someone does not have the ability to do something.

This is an exercise about the difference between can and can’t.

You can find the exercise below:

Can or Can't Exercise 2

Complete the sentences below with can or can't.
He failed seven tests in a row so he be that smart!
We don't know how to start a conversation but we listen very well.
This is ridiculous. You be serious.
you help me with my homework?
They deal with his problems anymore. They are too old for that.
You're my best friend so I know you keep a secret.
My brother is literate so he read.
They have a lot of money so they buy what they want.
I don't have any money so I even buy a new phone.
Adam is a cyclist so he ride a bike.

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