Future Tenses Mixed Exercise 1

It is not always clear which tense to use when you want to talk about the future. There are different tenses to talk about events in the future and in some cases, there are multiple ways to express the same thing. It all depends on the speaker’s intention so it’s not as strict as with the other tenses; there is more room for interpretation.

You can use one of the following tenses to talk about the future:

For a more general overview of the future tenses, click here.

Future tenses mixed exercise

This is an exercise in which you need to pick the correct tense to talk about the future.

You can find the exercise below:

Future Tenses Mixed Exercise 1

Complete these sentences by filling in the correct future tense.
What do you think he (to look) like in 20 years?
He (definitely, to have) a full beard by then.
When (your train, to leave) tomorrow?
I (not, to go) by train, but my plane (to take off) at 8 am.
Next month, my little sister (to be) 10 years old.
I (to fly) to Sweden next week.
It looks like he is not feeling well. Oh, I (to call) a doctor right away.
We (to go) to London tomorrow.
They (to have) a big party tomorrow. (you, to ask) your parents if you can come too?
What (you, to do) when the lockdown is over?

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