Past Simple Mixed Exercise 4

The past simple is the most used tense in English to talk about actions, habits and events in the past. For a detailed overview of what this tense is, when you use it and how to form it, click here.

This is an exercise in which you need to fill in the correct form of the verb in the past simple.

You can find the exercise below:

Past Simple Mixed Exercise 4

Complete these sentences by filling in the correct form of the verbs in the past simple.
Sitting Duck (to release) a new EP last week. He (to share) it with his followers.
(he, to write) that letter himself?
Yes, and he (not, to get) help from his teacher.
Why (you, to charge) your phone with my charger?
I don't get why he (to sing) his favourite song in front of the whole school.
We (to eat) way too much yesterday. Why (we, to do) this again?
I (to drive) over 20 hours to see my girldfriend on her birthday.
Scientists (to discover) ruins of an ancient temple.
He (to forbid) us to buy a new bike.
I don't understand why I (to lose) last year's competition. This year will be different!

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