Past Simple Mixed Exercise 5

The past simple (or simple past) is the most used tense in English to talk about the past. You use this tense for short actions and habits in the past. It’s important that those actions are completely over.

This is an exercise in which you need to fill in the correct form of the verb in the past simple.

You can find the exercise below:

Past Simple Mixed Exercise 5

Complete these sentences by filling in the correct form of the verbs in the past simple.
Some students (to be) late because they (to sleep) late.
Why (you, to tear) your new pair of jeans?
He (to win) a really important race two years ago.
I (not, to be) a big fan of Michael Jackson when I (to be) a child.
My friend (not, to swear) when he (to be) at our place.
I (to see) him five years ago.
(my sister, to make) a pretty bold promise?
I (to lend) my friend some money but he has not paid me back.
After reading the news yesterday, he just (to freeze) and he could not do anything.
You (to bring) us a present?! How nice of you!

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