Present Continuous Mixed Exercise 1

The present continuous (or present progressive) is a tense in English to talk about things in the present when you want to stress the duration of an action. If you want to know more, go to this page. On that page, you have a complete overview of when to use this tense, how to form it and you also have some examples.

On this page, you have an exercise about forming this tense.

You can find the exercise below:

Present Continuous Mixed Exercise 1

Complete these sentences by filling in the correct form of the verb in the present continuous.
Do you think he (to earn) enough money?
They (not, to join) us for dinner because they (to hike) in the forests right now.
I (to live) like a king. I can do what I want because I (not, to pay off) any loans.
(you, to listen) to the online lecture? I think you (to waste) my time.
I (to download) Red Dead Redemption because it is such an amazing game.
I hate that he (always, to send) pictures via whatsapp. I just hope he (not, to waste) his life by doing useless things.
A lot of people (to love) the latest Instagram update, but I am not a big fan.
If you look outside, you can see that the leaves (to fall) and that it (to rain) at the same time.
They (not, to share) their plans with us. I suppose they (to be) selfish.
(to read) a book right now? I can recommend one that I (absolutely, to love) right now.

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