Present Continuous Mixed Oefening 1

De present continuous (of present progressive) is een tijd om over dingen te praten in het heden waarbij je de nadruk legt op de duur van een actie. Je kan deze tijd ook gebruiken voor lange acties of wanneer een actie bezig is op het moment waarover je spreekt.

Op deze pagina heb je een oefening over alle vormen (positief, negatief en vragen) in de present continuous.

Hieronder vind je de oefening:

Present Continuous Mixed Oefening 1

Vervolledig deze zinnen met de juiste vorm van de present continuous.
Do you think he (to earn) enough money?
They (not, to join) us for dinner because they (to hike) in the forests right now.
I (to live) like a king. I can do what I want because I (not, to pay off) any loans.
(you, to listen) to the online lecture? I think you (to waste) my time.
I (to download) Red Dead Redemption because it is such an amazing game.
I hate that he (always, to send) pictures via whatsapp. I just hope he (not, to waste) his life by doing useless things.
A lot of people (to love) the latest Instagram update, but I am not a big fan.
If you look outside, you can see that the leaves (to fall) and that it (to rain) at the same time.
They (not, to share) their plans with us. I suppose they (to be) selfish.
(to read) a book right now? I can recommend one that I (absolutely, to love) right now.

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