Present Perfect Continuous Questions Exercise 1

The present perfect continuous is a tense in English to talk about actions and events that started in the past and have continued up to the present moment. The difference between the present perfect continuous and the present perfect (simple) is that the former is used to talk about longer actions and events and when the focus is on the duration.

This is an exercise about forming questions using the present perfect continuous.

You can find the exercise below:

Present Perfect Continuous Questions Exercise 1

Complete these sentences by forming questions in the present perfect continuous.
(they, to sell) illegal drugs to minors for weeks?
(you, to read) that book since this morning?
(he, to postpone) doing his homework?
(you, to try) to fix a broken screen since 2pm this afternoon?
(I, to pay) for this subscription for over a month?
(he, to wear) that activity tracker since last August?
(we, to miss) some very important information since we started this case?
(my friend, to try) to launch a business since January last year?
(they, to date) for a week?
(I, to listen) to that crap all morning?

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