Purpose and Reason Clauses Multiple Choice Exercise 2

Purpose and reason clauses are subclauses that give more information about the main clause. Purpose clauses give more information about the purpose of the action in the main clause and reason clauses tell you more about the reason.

These subclauses don’t have any meaning on their own so they require a main clause to have meaning. For a full overview of purpose and reason clauses, click here.

This is an exercise about choosing the correct conjunction.

You can find the exercise below:

Purpose and Reason Clauses Multiple Choice Exercise 2

Read the sentences below and pick the correct conjunction.
Tesla needs money
it can pay the bills.
I always take a plane to go to Italy
it's cheaper than going by car.
My cousin sells tea
pay off his mortgage.
Many refugees have to flee their country
Our dog needs surgery
he can walk again.
My boss is giving everyone a paid holiday
he wants to keep everyone happy.
Queen is my favourite band
their music is really creative and original.
I got glasses
see better.
We don't believe him anymore
he has already lied numerous times before!
They don't shop online
they want to support local stores.

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