Purpose and Reason Clauses Multiple Choice Exercise 3

Purpose and reason clauses are subclauses that give more information about the main clause. Purpose clauses give more information about the purpose of the action in the main clause and reason clauses tell you more about the reason.

These subclauses don’t have any meaning on their own so they require a main clause.

This is an exercise about choosing the correct conjunction.

You can find the exercise below:

Purpose and Reason Clauses Multiple Choice Exercise 3

Read the sentences below and pick the correct conjunction.
I don't want to get drunk
it is not healthy.
He is the best runner ever
he trains every day and sometimes even twice a day!
Elon Musk is pretty rich
hard work and dedication.
He convinced me to buy a new car
pick him up before work.
World population has increased quite a lot
better medical care.
I bought a stapler
staple my papers and keep them together.
Our boss told us we're doing great
inspire us to do even better.
Most students failed the exam
not studying enough.
My sister lost her keys
a hole in her pocket.
They always drive too slow
they are afraid.

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