Purpose and Reason Clauses Multiple Choice Exercise 4

Purpose and reason clauses are subclauses that give more information about the main clause. Purpose clauses give more information about the purpose of the action in the main clause and reason clauses tell you more about the reason. These subclauses don’t have any meaning on their own so they require a main clause.

This is an exercise about choosing the correct conjunction.

You can find the exercise below:

Purpose and Reason Clauses Multiple Choice exercise 4

Read the sentences below and pick the correct conjunction.
He ordered sushi
he absolutely loves it!
I went to bed early
be well-rested for my race today.
Elon Musk has a lot of money
good financial decisions.
The accused was allowed to leave prison
lack of evidence.
I do not believe him anymore
the many lies he has already told me.
She can do what she wants
she is old enough.
Thousands were stuck at the airport
cancelled flights.
I don't like him
he's really childish.
They invited us
they want to show us their new place.
I got new headphones
focus more on the music.

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