Reported Speech Exercise 2

Reported speech can be difficult if you don’t exactly know what it is and how to form it. For a full description of what is meant with indirect speech, how you form it and examples, click here.

Reported speech exercise

On this page, you have an exercise to see if you can transform direct speech into indirect speech. Pay attention to the tense of the reporting verb and if the subject changes.

If the reporting verb is in the present simple, there is no backshift. If the reporting verb is in the past simple, you usually need backshift so you need to change the verbs in the sentence. If the reporting verb is in the past simple but the information is still true, there is no backshift.

Below you have sentences in direct speech and you need to rewrite them in indirect speech.

  • Frank: “I bought a new car.”
  • Rachel: “Did you pay attention in class?”
  • Grandma: “I saw an old friend last week.”
  • My girlfriend: “I have taken several really beautiful pictures.”
  • Bob: “I lost my watch several months ago.”
  • My colleague: “I really like working with you.”
  • Mom: “Have you taken your vitamins?”
  • Bill Gates: “Microsoft is one of the most tech popular companies in the world.”
  • Dad: “I had found some money before I went into the club.”
  • Police officer: “Are you hurt?”
You can find the exercise below:

Reported Speech Exercise 2

Complete the following sentences by rewriting them in reported speech. Pay attention to the tense of the reporting verb!
Frank told us .
Rachel asks .
Grandma said .
My girlfriend says .
Bob told me .
My colleague said .
Mom asked me .
Bill Gates told the press that .
Dad says .
The police officer asked .

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