Will-future Negative Exercise 2

The will-future (or future simple) is one of the tenses in English to talk about the future. You use this tense to talk about the pure future. This means that it’s used for things that will happen no matter what, so you cannot prevent them from happening. You can also use this tense to talk about spontaneous decisions on the spot.

This is an exercise about negative sentences in the future simple.

You can find the exercise below:

Will-Future Negative Exercise 2

Complete these sentences by filling in the negative form of the verb in the will-future.
My friend (not, to turn) sixteen next week.
That's a great idea but I (not, to call) my mother to tell her.
You really surprised me here! However, I (not, to act) as if I did not expect it.
My sister cannot find her keys but we (not, to help) her looking for them.
He (not, to buy) a new car tomorrow.
They (not, to cook) dinner tonight because it's not their turn.
I really like that band but I (not, to support) what they did last week.
We are not a good team and we (not, to do) well in group assignments.
You (not, to convince) me to go on that trip with you.
They like Tesla but they (not, to steal) one.

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