Taalhulp Engels is een gratis website waar je online Engels kan leren. Op deze pagina vind je een overzicht van elke oefening die je hier kan maken. De bedoeling is dat je eerst de woordenschat en/of grammatica verwerkt en dan kijkt of je de oefeningen kan oplossen.

Je kan ook direct oefeningen maken als je de theorie al onder de knie hebt. Deze pagina is vooral gericht op het inoefenen van verschillende aspecten van de woordenschat en grammatica.

Woordenschat OefeningenEten
Cijfers en Getallen
Dagen van de Week
Groenten en Fruit
Noten en Zaden
I love eggs.
He is twenty-one years old.
Today is Monday.
I have two dogs.
My sister likes apples.
The sky is blue.
We always eat cashew nuts in front of the TV.
Algemene Grammatica OefeningenEmphatic Do
De Passief
Indirecte Rede
Past Habits
Purpose/Reason Clauses
They do like books.
My car was stolen.
They say she was late.
I like eating an apple every morning.
I used to be a chef.
He is listening in order to know what he needs to do.
Adjectieven en Adverbs OefeningenAdjectief of Adverb
Trappen van Vergelijking
Vormen van Adverbs
He is a good singer because he sings well.
I am smarter than you.
They dance energetically.
Conditionals OefeningenZero Conditional
First Conditional
Second Conditional
Third Conditional
If you heat water, it boils.
If I study, the exam will be easy.
If I won the lottery, I would buy a new car.
If he had received an award, he would have gone crazy.
Voornaamwoorden OefeningenPersoonlijke VoornaamwoordenHe is the best brother ever!
Present Tenses OefeningenPresent Simple
Present Continuous
Present Perfect (Simple)
Present Perfect Continuous
Mixed Exercises
I walk to school every day.
I am listening to music.
I have been to New York Three times.
They have been waiting for over two hours.
I want a new computer so I‘m browsing the internet.
Past Tenses OefeningenPast Simple
Past Continuous
Past Perfect (Simple)
Mixed Exercises
They worked hard.
He was listening to music.
They had gone to Spain.
I had eaten breakfast before I went to school.
Future Tenses OefeningenWill-future
Going to-future
Future of Can and Must
Mixed Exercises
She will be 16 next week.
He is going to fall soon.
They will be allowed to leave.
I will tell you right away!
Werkwoorden OefeningenOnregelmatige WerkwoordenWe went to Spain last summer.
Modal Verbs OefeningenCan of Can’tHe can’t believe his eyes.
Taaltips OefeningenIts of It’s
Lay of Lie
Life, Live of Lives
Than of Then
To, Too of Two
The dog lost its bone.
I always lie on my bed in the afternoon.
I have the best life.
We are better than them.
She has two brothers.