First Conditional Exercise 3

The first conditional is an if-sentence in English that is used to talk about realistic situations in the present and future. There is a condition and the result of that condition when it is fulfilled. The verb in the if-clause needs to be in the present simple and the verb in the main clause has to be in the will-future (will + infinitive).

This is an exercise in which you must fill in the correct verb form.

You can find the exercise below:

First Conditional Exercise 3

Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verb in the first conditional.
She (to read) that book if you (to give) it to her.
I (to follow) the instructions if you (to tell) me what to do.
Rhinos (to go extinct) if we (not, to protect) them.
I (to open) the door if I (to find) my keys.
He (to go) to London if they (to open) the borders again.
If you (to have) sand, she (to build) you a beautiful castle.
They (to feed) our dog if we (to go) on holiday.
I (not, to tell) you what happened if I (to forget).
He (to hold) the line if his boss (to be) unavailable.
If my brother (to find) his book, he (to study).

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