Past Perfect Mixed Exercise 1

The past perfect is a tense in English to talk about events in the past that happened before another action in the past. This means that the action in the past perfect happened in a more distant past.

If you want to read more about this tense, click here. This is where you’ll find an extensive overview of when to use this tense, how to form it and there are also some examples.

This is an exercise about forming this tense.

You can find the exercise below:

Past Perfect Mixed Exercise 1

Complete these sentences by filling in the correct form of the verb in the past perfect.
(he, to give) me a fine before listening to my side of the story.
They (not, to buy) a new car before they won the lottery.
(you, to cheat) on the test before the teacher went away?
They (to cut) my hair before I woke up.
The hunter (not, to catch) its prey before dying.
(he, to forbid) us to see each other again before he called the police?
After I (to eat) breakfast, I went to school.
I (to brew) the perfect cup of tea before I dropped my teapot.
They (to know) him for ages before he passed away.
(my sister, to read) the book before she watched the film?

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